Region Puglia.Italy.Bari.Square-19,4 000. sk²(6.4% of the territory of Italy)

The heel of Italian boot, recognized sea resort with rich history.This resort is not well – known on Russian tourism market.This beautiful region is worthy of  everyones notice!

Holidays at sea and excursions – all of this can be combined by visiting sunny Puglia, located in the very south of the Apennine Peninsula, with its shores washed by  two seas – the Adriatic and Ionic.In  ancient times  inhabitants of the area were called   Puglia, that is where  the name of the area – Apulia came from, which in Italian later was  transformed into Puglia (Puglia).
Climate of Puglia is typically Mediterranean: hot and dry. In Bari, the average January temperature is +9,1 ° C, in July +24,8 ° C. This is the only region in Italy which has  almost no mountains (mountains make up only 2% of the territory), so the relief of the region is hilly and flat. Seashores are almost everywhere low, except in areas Gargano (Gargano) and Salento (Salento). There are  two major gulfs near the shore: Gulf of Manfredonia (Manfre-donia) in the north of the area and Taranto (Taranto) – in the south. The region also includes two small archipelagos: Tremiti islands (Tremiti) and of Keradi islands (Cheradi). There are a lot of rivers in Puglia : Candelaria (Candelaro), Cervaro (Cervaro), Fortore (Fortore) and the largest one is Ofanto (Ofanto). In the northern part of the peninsula of Gargano there  are two lakes: Lesina and Varano, which are connected  with the sea by  channels. C
aves of Castellana, located near Bari were recognized  as  a  unique natural phenomenon.

The territory of modern Puglia has been inhabited since the Paleolithic period. Numerous megalithic monuments (menhirs) have been saved.
Lecce, which now has  83,000 residents – is a spiritual, cultural and economic center of the province of Salento. The geographical  location is quite interesting. It is located 11 kilometers from the Adriatic Sea and 23 km from the Ionic sea. The city has a lot of  architecture
monuments — Antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance. But  the most interesting architectural monuments belong to the XVII-XVIII centuries – Lecce is considered one of the world capitals of the Baroque. The architects and sculptors who worked there knew the secret of handling local stone, which remained soft. One gets an unforgettable experience when seeing he central Cathedral Square (Piazza del Duomo).Besides the Cathedral (1659-1670 gg.) and bell tower (1661), built by the famous local architect Giuseppe Tsimba-lo (Giuseppe Zimbalo, 1617-1710), on the square you can see the Palace of the seminary and the Archbishop’s Palace. One should  see also the Basilica of Santa Croce – this building  impresses even people far from art, St. Irene Church, St. Anne, the Prefecture Palace, the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, San Mateo, Santa Chiara, and others.

An ancient city of Bari is also a place of interest.It is the administrative center of Apulia. The city can be divided into two parts: the old one and new city.
There is  t
he famous Basilica of San Nicola in Bari,  where for more than nine centuries  relics of St. Nicholas are lied.
Saint Nicholas  is the saint who helps all the  people of the world! Come to him everybody!
Millions of pilgrims come here every year to ask for help. There are  thousands of cases of miraculous healing : infertile women give birth to babies, blind people start to see , etc., etc., etc. …
The reliquary of St. Nicholas. In the tomb there is a special hole through which the chrism is taken  from the relics. Also through this hole you can see the relics of the saint. The chrism  is   taken out of the hole with  a special device resembling a ladle, it happens once a year on May 9th  after the festive service. And then  a  chrism is alloted in bottles with holy water. There is   is “miraculous column”
in the lower church. People beleive  that if they touch it  there will be  miracles of healing and fulfillment of desires.
At the corner of the square, opposite the Basilica of Saint Nicholas, Saint Nicholas  monument  is located.It was presented the city of Bari in 2002.

Among the other attractions of Bari we can note  Cathedral of San Sabino and the grand Norman castle (Castello Normanno), the construction of which  began in 1131 by  the order of e Norman Roger II – the first king of the Kingdom of Sicily, who united  holdings of the Normans in Sicily and Southern Italy.
Also  visit  a  tiny town of Alberobello (Alberobello) where you can see the unusual houses with conical roofs which  are called trulli. A few kilometers away there  is the town of Alberobello, Castellana, where there is a unique complex of caves (Grotte di Castellana).
Puglia is proud of  many natives. Among them: Nicola Pisano (ca. 1220 – ca. 1278), an outstanding Italian sculptor and architect, Farinelli (1705-1782), singer-sopranist; Niccolo Piccinni (1728-1800), the leading composer, Umberto Giordano (1867 – 1948) , an opera composer, Padre Pio (1887 – 1968), a famous monk, a healer and miracle worker, Tito Schipa (1889 – 1965), singer, Rudolph Valentino (1895 – 1926) is an American film actor, Aldo Moro (1916 – 1978), the Prime Minister of Italy, Michele Placido (born 1947), actor.
Puglia is a region, for any time of the year. A long hot summer allows to   enjoy the pleasures of the sea and get gorgeous tan, warm off-season creates perfect conditions for excursions and tours, and the European winter, during which frequently is a  good weather, is ready  to entertain the numerous fairs and festivals – including the oldest European carnival.Puglia is full of colours – different for each season, but it doesn not  lose its  brightness even for a moment.
Next time we will continue our story about Puglia, only that  time it would be about  weddings in this beautiful region. Wedding in Puglia is a fairy-tale, beleive us)

















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