Sardinia (Italian: Sardegna [sardeɲɲa], sard. Sardigna [sar’dinja]) — is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, located to the west of the Apennines between Sicily and Corsica, it is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is a part of Italy as an autonomous region (autonomous region), Sardinia (Italian  Regione Autonoma della Sardegna, Sard. Regione Autònoma de sa Sardigna).

Sardinia  is an amazing Mediterranean island with white sandy beaches, myrtle groves and the sea with clear turquoise water. Incredible landscape and natural diversity, relaxed pace of life … All this makes Sardinia a great place to relax. Echoes of many civilizations are still heard in Sardinia — there are still traces of the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Spaniards, Tuscans and many other nations … These traces  remained virtually unchanged, they can be found in the architecture, language, national holidays and festivals, ancient ruins

Undoubtedly, the most attractive things  for tourists in Sardinia remain  fantastic beauty of the island and  the cleanest  and clearest sea   in Italy.This is a  paradise for lovers of the underwater swimming.1850 km of beaches this is the best quarter of all the beaches in Italy!

Here you can find havens with golden beaches and secluded rocky coves, near which  modern hotel with a full range of services and infrastructure is built.

When is it better to visit Sardegnia?

Sardinia has a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and short mild winters, so one can  stay on the island at any time of the year. In  summer heat is softened by sea winds.

The best time for a beach vacation  is  from May to September, but in April and October, the weather conditions are quite favorable for a seaside holiday, and for leisure.

How to get there?

There are three international airports in the cities of Cagliari, Olbia and Alghero. From Russia you can get there with a change in Rome, Milan and Bologna. Airline Alitalia, Air One (daughter of Alitalia) and Meridiana operates regular flights to Sardinia from these cities. Flight time is not more than 1-1.5 hours. From 18 June to 10 September, the company Meridiana operates direct flights from Moscow to Sardinia in Cagliari and Olbia. The journey takes around 4 hours. Also in summer timecharter flights from Russia (direct flight) operates a number of other airlines U-tair, Gazprom Avia, Meridiana. During the summer, the hotel Forte Village Resort launches its own premium flights  Forte Village Private Jet.

Places of interest

Cagliari  is  the capital, the largest city in Sardinia. It stretches along the coast, on 9  limestone hills. The city was founded between VII and VI centuries BC by  Phoenicians. Since then, it  has become the gateway leading to Sardinia.

The city has kept many traces of ancient history: the Phoenician-Punic necropolis hills Tuvikseddu, a Roman amphitheater, carved in the limestone hill, the cathedral of Pisa origin, the royal palace Palazzo Reggio, which
 became a  seat of the House of Savoy. Sardinian Nuraghe towers that are found only in Sardinia also can be interesting for tourists. Nuraghe appeared in the Bronze Age, and their exact function is not known. One of the most famous Nuraghe Sioux Nuraxi di Barumini, a UNESCO World Heritage list. Sioux Nuraxi di Barumini is situated about 60 kilometers north of Cagliari.
A 30-minute drive from Olbia, near Palau (Palau), there  is an archipelago of several islands (four large and five small) called Maddalena (La Maddalena) — on behalf of the largest island.In the north of Sardinia therse is a  Costa Paradiso —  a beach that is perfect  for snorkeling and diving. Hence, by the sea one  can easily reach the town of Bonifacio in Corsica.Alghero on the west coast  is one of the treasures of Sardinia. It has everything that can attract tourists in the seaside town: picturesque Old Town, a beautiful harbor, great hotels and restaurants.Here are some interesting excursions from Alghero:  Capo Caccia promontory, which runs down to the sea a huge steep drop height of almost 170 meters, More than 600 rock-cut steps with the poetic name Escala de Kabir — «Stag stairs» — lead down to the Grotto of Neptune. Neptune’s Grotto — one of the most beautiful caves in Sardinia. 13 km north of Alghero there  is the Rocky Necropolis with almost 40 cave tombs belonging to  Ozieri culture.
What to buy from souvenirs ?
Traditional handicraft industries in Sardinia has always been weaving, pottery, basketry, wood, knives (the most famous knives Pattada) and decorations, as well as other kinds of work, for example, the thread on the horns of animals.

Excellent cuisine of Sardinia is worthy of separate story.Cuisine of Sardinia, as well as a culture in general, has been influenced by Italy, and  Spain. Here you can easily find all the main Italian dishes: a variety of snacks, pasta, pizza, lots of meat, chicken and, of course, fish, no mention about the seafood, which variety here is quite rich.Sure, mainly people eat here   fish especially anchovies and sardines — Sard, eating thin crispy bread «map de music» — «music paper» and stuffed vegetables «caponata di verde». Purely local dish is the goat cheese Pecorino, which is perfect for different varieties  (there are over a hundred) of bread. Milk  pig  is roasted in an open fire. Fish dishes recipes were  brought from other lands, mainly from Spain. However, try the fish soup with squid and tomato or tuna steaks and their cod with nuts.There a lot of candies  in Sardinia —  cheese-cakes, biscuits with almonds, cakes with sugar stripes.Cuisine of Sardinia is varied and will match any taste, so that everyone could choose what he likes.Wine  in Sardinia is known since ancient times.There  were found grape grains, which are proof of the existence of Sardinian wines at the beginning of the Iron Age (900 years BC). Most famous wines and productive areas are considered Campidano (Campidano), near the town of Terralba, south-west of the island. In the area of ​​the capital, Port of Cagliari, in the south there is a production of  another quality brand of wines by the name of Cagliari (Cagliari). In the north-west, on the coast between the towns of Alghero and Sassari, near Cape Gallura area stretches is a place of  one of the most famous wines of the island — Vermentino di Gallura (Vermentino di Gallura) DOCG, dry white unusually thin and fragrant.
Resorts of  Sardinia.
Palau (Palau) — in town there are shops for windsurfers, bars, restaurants and discos. Palau is located 50 km. from the airport of Olbia. At 30 min. ferry ride from Palau located the island of La Maddalena and Caprera — the island where the tomb of John Garibaldi  is located and where it is possible to  make fascinating excursions.Baia Sardinia (Baia Sardinia) — This town is located in the heart of Costa Smeralda in the sea with a sandy beach. Vigorous nightlife. Baia Sardinia is very popular among Russian tourists.Costa Smeralda (translated from Italian means «Emerald Coast») is  a paradise in the heart of the Mediterranean! Kingdom of granite rocks that dominate the emerald sea, 55 km of beautiful fine sand beaches and rich underwater world.Polta Quato — a prestigious resort area is located in the north of Sardinia, near the famous Costa Smeralda. The town is located 6 kilometers from Porto Cervo and 32 kilometers from the airport of Olbia.

Porto Rotondo — one of the cities belonging to the luxury  resort of Costa Smeralda, the most expensive, exquisite and luxurious resorts in Sardinia. Basically, there are complexes of luxury. This place is also interesting for diving.

Olbia (Olbia) — based VI — IV centuries. BC The ancient Roman port of Olbia Sardinia and joined Ostia. Not far from the modern airport is a medieval fortress Pedreso castle. In the old center of Olbia there are located a few churches  of VIII century.

Alghero is a  medieval town surrounded by walls with seven towers. Cathedral (XVI century.) Palazzo d’Albios (one of the attractions of Sardinia).

The city lives between the two elements of pleasure. From the land surround the vineyards, which are born great wine, famous throughout Italy. And the other part goes to the sea of ​​Alghero. Sea gate is Neptune’s Grotto, which is a long staircase of 675 steps.

Arborea — Located to the west of the channel Canale delle Acque Medie. The city was founded in 1930. The houses are built in the style of art nouveau and neo gothic. In the municipal building houses there is a collection of archaeological finds.

Kiya — located 40 km from Cagliari, the capital of the island of Sardinia. Not far from the town of Chia cliffs towering over the clear waters of the bay Baia di Chia. The magnificence of the landscape and the beauty of the landscape. Not far there is a  tower  — Tower of Chia, a cultural monument, built around 1200.

Santa Margherita — Marine Boulevard, surrounded by palm trees, has a lazy pastime with a cup of coffee «espresso», a slow walk along the beach, during which you can climb through the park with lush green, exotic plants and statues to the elegant Villa Durazzo Chenturione in the Renaissance style. In summer they organize concerts of chamber music.

Before a select audience discovered Santa Margherita Ligure, here, as throughout the Ligurian coast, hosted by fishermen. Therefore it is necessary to look to the church Sant’Erazmo in the history of the resort. Here you can  see firsthand the perils faced by fishermen and sailors during the voyage by not always sunny and welcoming Mediterranean.

Forte Village — the world-famous resort, a place of rest of world celebrities, the winner in the categories «Best Resort of the World» (1998-2000 years), «The best resort in Europe» (1999-2000), «The Best Hotel of the Year» (1998). Hotel Le Dune, Villa Del Parco, restaurants Le Dune and Il Belvedere awarded «Five Star Diamond» (2000).

FORTE VILLAGE complex is located on an area of ​​25 acres, surrounded by lush tropical gardens and thickets of eucalyptus on the picturesque banks of the southern shore of the island of Sardinia, 40 km from the capital and airport of Cagliari. Forte Village consists of 7 hotels 4-5 *.

Our hotel features 16 exquisite restaurants and bars, offering dishes of the world and the secrets of traditional dishes prepared by professional chefs, and a wide range of seafood, pastries and famous wines of Italy are dazzling.Cagliari — In the south of the province of Cagliari is the capital of Sardinia, Cagliari port. Here — sand dunes  PISTIS  and Pistsinas, glandular-Iglesiente limestone cliffs, diving into the sea near the Maas-Nebido and were an unusual and impressive sight.The archipelago Sultsis can walk on the trails over dizzying precipices and a gray and red trachytic rocks. Gulf of Cagliari is a flat sandy coast with beaches and lagoons, which are inhabited by a large number of water birds.Villasimius — a typical Sardinian town on the south-eastern coast of Sardinia, located about 50 km from Cagliari. The picturesque green oasis, unique beauty, sandy beaches.Isola Rossa (Isola Rossa) is located in north-western Sardinia, in the north of Badesi and near the Costa Paradiso (Paradise Coast), the ancient fishermen’s suburb. The apartments are built on the peninsula of red granite and surrounded by a long and beautiful sandy beach. Here you can rent small boats, as well as rent umbrellas, chairs, etc. We also note a small tourist port where you can rent everything you need for any kind of fishing.

Holidays in Sardinia  are suitable for family, youth recreation, for an unforgettable honeymoon, vacation style luxe, shopping brands, active with skiing windsurfing, scuba-diving, golf, horse riding, skydiving, caving, fishing and sailing. Arriving in Sardinia just need to rent a bike, a pleasant walk will not leave you indifferent to the beauty of the island, the island has special roads for bicycles, made up routes for cycling. With each season, Sardinia attracts more and more Russian tourists.

In Sardinia there are hotels for youth, family, corporate, romantic, active, stay confidential.
We wish you a pleasant stay!

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